student book buying tips



Buying books as a Fresher Do’s & Don’ts

Once you get signed up for your course, the university usually mail out a ‘reading list’, which is usually very long detailed list of loads of books that you will need for the course. But don’t worry and certainly don’t buy them!

student book buying tips


Just because a book is on the reading list doesn’t mean that you must buy it, a lot of books on there might not even be used your entire time at university.

Remember - The library is your best friend! All the books that you actually NEED will be available for loan at the library, if they aren’t and your lecturer specifically says that you need to buy the book, look second hand on Facebook groups or online marketplaces, or your university bookstore. NEVER BUY NEW! But always make sure you get the right edition

student book buying tips

Most books on your reading list (especially arts based courses) you might only need to read one or two pages, or a chapter and then you will never need it again. And remember reading lists change every year! (Sometimes even every term depending on your course)

Not only are books expensive, but also they are heavy and take up a lot of space if you are buying them all! Remember that you are only in halls for 9 months of the year and then you’ve got to move all of those books!

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