student money tips



Tips to save Money

With endless opportunities to socialise and have fun it can often be tough making your student loan stretch the course of the term. Get yourself clued up and avoid student pitfalls with these invaluable money saving tips!

student money tips


One of the biggest expenses for any University student is entertainment. Course nights out, halls of residence nights out, sports/society socials and just general social life can quickly chip away at your University funds.

Stay on top by allocating yourself a budget per week and stick to it as best as you can. You can also save yourself some £’s by buying pre-sale tickets for events where possible as early as possible as tickets for events often go up closer to the time.

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student money tips


Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive, feed yourself well while at Uni by following these tips! Stock up on non/less perishable foods such as tins, dried foods (rice, pasta etc) & frozen foods in bulk from the supermarket. And when shopping in the supermarket avoid impulse buys (don’t go shopping whilst hungry!) Also avoid branded products where possible and opt for the supermarkets own version of them.

Also have some Tupperware or freezer bags to hand and store leftovers in the fridge for tomorrows pack lunch or in the freezer for another time! When it comes to toiletries take advantage of deals/discounts/offers at your supermarket where possible, as these are often much cheaper than purchasing the same form your local corner shop.

student money tips


Most first year students spend more £ than they expect on these hidden extras, big reading lists and arts materials can quickly dip into your University funds so take note of these following tips to make your student loan stretch!

Most Universities run second hand book sales and many have book Buy & Sell groups on Facebook, so be sure to check these to try and find those books that are on your reading list. Second year students will often be selling the books on their reading lists from previous years.

It is also highly recommended you scout the university library to see if you can borrow the books from your course reading list. You can often save yourself the need to buy certain books entirely just by checking the University library, but act fast as many other students may have the same idea!

student money tips


When planning on how to budget you’ll also need to consider transport costs. Wether travelling to Uni from halls or to your hometown on holidays there are a number of options you can take to help you keep those transport costs down.

16-25 Railcard – £28 a year for a third off rail fares. Young Persons Coachcard – £10 a year (plus £1.50 p&p) for a third off coach fares. 18+ Student Oyster Photocard – pay a £10 admin fee for 30% off London travelcard costs.
For added savings, plan ahead and book as far in advance where possible.

student money tips


Check to make sure your utility bills are included in the cost of your accommodation. Most university halls are, whereas most privately rented aren’t. If your costs aren't included then you’ll need to set money aside each month to make sure these are covered.

There are student bills packages such as split the bills which will cover all of your utilities under one payment and charge each tenant directly saving you chasing up your housemates for their share of the bills.

student money tips


Again this is another cost you'll often have covered in halls of residence, however if you’re in private be sure to check your mobile phone provider for deals as they’ll often offer heavily discounted rates for existing mobile contract users. Take note on wether line rental is included in the quote given.

student money tips


Keep your belongings protected and avoid being stung with the cost of having to replace belongings if an accident or theft were to take place. Try adding up the cost of your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and any specialist course equipment (eg. cameras, filming equipment etc) and you’ll quickly see wether contents insurance is worth it.

First check wether you’re covered as part of your parents' home insurance policy. If not, student contents insurance packages start at around £10 a month.

student money tips


When loans are fresh there may be the temptation to stock your wardrobe up with fresh clothes. Just be weary that your loan will need to last you until the end of term so if you’ve not set money aside for new clothes than consider how this will affect your budget entertainment / social life. Shopping centres in student cities often host ‘student lock in’s’ around freshers week offering heavy discounts so keep an eye out for those in your city!

Also remember to use your student card / NUS card / Uni days where possible to receive your student discount, many shops will offer student discount year round so always be sure to ask! There are also plenty of bargains to be found on sites like depop as well as local thrift and charity shops.

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