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Partying during Fresher’s week

Fresher’s week is a complete sensory overload with so many things to consider, partying included! Here are our top tips for going out during fresher’s week!

student party tips

Exchange numbers with your flat mates prior to the night out in the event that one of you gets separated from the group or goes missing. Even if you are going out with a big group team up with at least one other person to stick with all night and go home with together.

Avoid attempting to walk back to accommodation at the end of a night – You don’t want to be drunk and walking around a brand new city when you don’t know your surroundings. Make sure you have got a local taxi number or UBER downloaded on your phone and make sure you have in your notes the address of your accommodation.

student party tips

Always ensure you have some cash on you in case of an emergency – you might not know where the nearest cash machine is and also not every club accepts cards, especially for admission into the venue. During Freshers week tickets for events do sell out and they also increase in price as it gets closer to the event - make plans in advance and purchase tickets early! To ensure you are able to go to the event you want and avoid disappointment!

Most importantly – Be yourself and have fun! Everyone is in the same boat of moving away and meeting new people, it can be very overwhelming, but, everyone is in the same position and just try your best to relax and embrace it!

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