student safety tips



Fix up look sharp, stay Safe at University

Following these simple steps will help you stay safe as a fresher

student saftey tips


When planning a night out take a look online where you are planning on going out so you can get an idea of the location and the distance from your halls, whether you need to get a taxi there and routes along the main road where you could walk if need be! The last thing you want is to get lost in the dark!

Don’t leave drinks unattended in nightclubs or ‘mine sweep’ drinks from the bar, you don’t want to get spiked!
Only ever get into a black cab or a pre booked taxi, don’t trust anyone to take you home and don’t get in the car with random people even if they say they’re taxi drivers. Save a number in your phone for your next of kin saved under ICE (in case of emergency). If something happens, the emergency services may look for it in order to gain a contact number.

student safety tips

Uni is all about new experiences but make sure you don’t get peer pressured into doing things you don’t want to do. Always think about the implications and that you fully understand what it is you are doing.

All uni’s have Councilors on hand to help night and day and there may even be 24/7 telephone lines to call to seek assistance If you are suffering from mental health issues or just feeling homesick reach out to a member of staff at the university, or your house mates / course mates who might be feeling the same. Don’t suffer in silence.

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